Support Products

Koiza International does not simply supply the furnishings for residences and offices but is able to extend its procurement well beyond these items.

Nothing is too simple or complex for us to create the perfect living or working environment. To that end we can supply such diverse items as Dyson Hand dryers, air filters, bathscreens or indeed any support item you require.

Koiza International is an official supplier of the 'Dyson Airblade AB03 SSP' hand dryer range.


Clean Air Filters

Highly effective room air purifiers with a focus on quality, energy efficiency and environmental care. Gone are pollen, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, dust and other airborne pollutants.

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Dyson Airblade™

Hand Dryers

The latest range of Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers powered by the Dyson digital motor V4 – It is 50% quieter than the original but still dries hands in 10 seconds.

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Safety Products

Experts in Safety and the leading supplier of safety equipment, workwear, safety boots and shoes, gloves and maintenance supplies.

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